"We are building a Creation Society.  

The attitudes, skills and beliefs that got us here aren't the ones that will get us to the next level. It's a time to imagine, create, innovate, and inspire."

About Arupa

A dynamic speaker, a respected author and new thought leader, Arupa's purpose is to help you drive a tantalizing vision of possibility, rekindle your emotional being to invest in your true purpose, and transformational empowerment. Often profound, she lights a path from idea to destiny in a way that will transform your relationship with mind and matter.

The name Arupa is derived from Sanskrit and means "beyond form" and "transcendent vision beyond the third dimension."  Born with the gift of deep insight and an enquiring scientific mind, Arupa discovered an abiding interest in the creative process at a young age. 

"Learning always came easily to me, mostly I had the insight to know what was important."

"I became a college bio-science professor at the age of 22. That's when I discovered I could teach. I tried to make learning as experiential and close to life as possible. My coolest moment was when my sister, who was a marketing student, told me she had stopped to listen to an interesting microscopy class from the hallway, and only later discovered it was me."

The I returned to private industry and later joined the Ontario government where I had a successful management career, led operations improvement and training projects, and industry sector strategies. A lot of my work was innovative for its time and was recognized by an honourable mention from IPAC for Innovation in Government.

In 1996, after becoming a mother for the second time, I left to seek balance and begin a private training and consulting practice called Intuita, focused on learning that inspires people to create. My 2 books, "Ting! A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better" (rated 4 stars by Training Magazine US) and "Spark - Raise Your Mind to the Power of Infinity & Create Anything" were published internationally in 2006 and 2008. 

Publications: 130+ published articles have been featured in prominent training, HR and management publications internationally - including Chief Learning Officer, Talent Management, Training Magazine, Training & Development Magazine (ASTD), HR Innovator in the US, HR Reporter, Management (CMA), Canadian Manager, Canadian Business Journal, HR Professional (HRPAO), Plant (CME), Training & Development (CSTD), HR.com, Workplace Today, Canadian Training Report, The Voice (BCHRMA), and Calgary and New Brunswick HRMA, and newspapers The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail in Canada, & Training & Management Magazine, Human Capital, and features in Business Today and Life Positive, newspapers The Times of India, Hindustan Times (India), and Personnel Today in the UK. Also published two Science papers published, Journal of Consciousness Studies and the Metanexus Journal.

To book Arupa as a speaker for your next conference, meeting or learning event please contact http://intuita.com

Keynotes & Speaking Topics:

Everyday Intuition Smarts - Unleash Your Ting!

A lively interactive presentation about how to tap the power of intuition for clarity, prosperity and creativity for both business and non-business audiences.

  • Learn how easy it is to get intuition flowing
  • Discover your Ting! using simple exercises
  • How thinking too much interferes with intuition and causes stress
  • Score Quick Hits on inside information

The Ecology of Intuition - From Crisis to Opportunity
An intuition tune up that will engage your audience in deep reflection. 
Intuition is more than a smart skill and sustainable business advantage. It has a role to play in relationships, business, workplaces, understanding global issues, the greening of our world, and the social transformation of our planet. 

  • Out-smarting your brain
  • "Thinking" from the heart and sourcing a wiser ecology of being
  • Raising your mind to the power of infinity
  • Intuition-proof your life, business and action plans

Laugh Your Way To Innovation
This hilarious presentation will kick start innovation, imagination and fun and help your audience discover a liberating new mind set that helps them innovate in ways they never thought possible.

  • Living from the true principles of creating
  • How ideas get born
  • Why innovating backwards can help you move forward
  • How confusion, uncertainty, limitation, and even delirium can work as an innovation advantage

Spark Your Power to Create
This magical session goes beyond Secret and the Law of Attraction to reveal the timeless universal principles that are behind the hidden feminine side of the science of creating so you can make cool stuff and live the life of your dreams.

  • Why you want to COMMAND not control your creative destiny
  • How imagination, intuition and creative power rule the thought world
  • How to master your mind and break through the cycle of limitation
  • 7 billion creators and the creative process


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"Thanks for your great participation in the Innovation Panel at the World Automotive News Congress. You set the stage beautifully. The other presentations fit so well into the context that you set. We appreciate what you did for us."
Peter Brown, Executive Editor, World Automotive News 2009

Thanks for a very interesting and informative presentation on intuition."

Jean Gauthier, Director, The Food Industry Credit Bureau of Canada"

Your enjoyable presentation delivered a lot of value to our recent Customer Service conference. 
Dolly Konzelmann, President, International Customer Service Association

Positive Living, 2009
TLN National, 2008
CTS, 2007

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