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Unleash your intuition Ting! 
Boost intuition smarts in groups and teams.  
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Create vision that attracts 
Use intrinsic power to create and innovate. 
There is a close link between intuition and creativity. To innovate, both are needed. Intuition is an important skill used to anticipate change and opportunity, make decisions & communicate. This fun hands-on workshop is based on the popular book "Ting! -  A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better."  Assess your intuition smart skills, learn to trigger intuitive feedback with easy-to-use intuition tools, experiment and test your know-how and chart a path to develop intuition capability. 

Gain the benefit  of intuition savvy with customers and colleagues. 
Trigger your intuition with powerful methods & Ting! tools.
Find Ting! opportunities & use them for win/win performance outcomes.  
Increase the collective intuition IQ of your executive team and employees
Listen to intuition better.
Communicate & apply Ting! insights to innovate & improve business
Link intuition with innovation, personal & organizational performance

"Learned how to apply intuition at work & home"
"Great facilitator"  "Liked the tests & tools"
"I learned not to second-guess myself" 
"Sign up! It's worth it."
"I'll incorporate it in my business life, not just personal."
"I learned to pay attention to my intuition"
"Facilitator was great." "Very enthusiatic." "A pleasure"
Vision is the first step in creating anything. Learn the universal principles behind the hidden science of creating, how to source from internal creative power based on infinite possibilities, not limitation - a must for any innovation commitment. Then magnify your power to materialize your vision, give it juice, keep it alive, and taste it's success as you go from the unimaginable to the imaginable, to the conceivable, and finally the created.  Based on the book Spark - Raise Your Mind to the Power of Infinity and Create Anything. This program will forever alter your relationship with the universe of mind and matter.

Become consciously creative
Use a unique visioning process to create and empower personal and enterprise vision
Know the pitfalls and opportunities for creating conscious vision in organizations
Leverage creative power and motivation
Extend your personal and business magnitude
Engage people and mobilize action
Attribute purpose and value fulfilling meaning
Build your faith and commitment
Achieve ground breaking insights
Have an alternative to thinking your way out. 

Flex your imagination & produce creative ideas anytime.
Break free of mental ruts.
Intuitive agility is a skill required for both personal and business success. This seminar shows you how to change the way you use your mind using 12 Intuition Breakthrough Tools that reveal ground-breaking insights in behavior, motivation, opportunities and challenges. Use these tools to produce immediate intuitive insight in any situation. This accelerated training boosts your intuitive skills and acts like a "Rosetta Stone" to help you decode your symbolic intuitive wisdom. Discover the deeper knowledge that resides beyond your conscious mind.

Unlock your ability to access intuitive insight
Gain higher predictive cognition
Increase your self-awareness of attitudes, behavior, and contributing factors in situations.
Get a better sense of priority, order and importance
Liberate your creative inertia
Build new habits in cognitive perception
Get clear knowledge in real situations
Surface your wisdom and higher intelligence.
Broaden your ability to listen, understand, and communicate with authenticity 
Use a balanced approach for intuition and reason. 

"The method is solid" "Great simple tools"
"Great speaker & teacher" 
"I was stymied by a problem for which I could see no solutions. Using Intuita saw what the real problem was and resolved it" 
"By applying this in my professional life I am able to tap additional information on any decision I am making" S. Talwar, V.P. Marketing, HCL Infosys
"I got fresher perspectives and added another dimension to the thinking process."
S. Karwal, Director, O & M Advertising

Grow a Sparkling Mind and Get Really Creative on the spot!  This fun, free-wheeling, highly creative workshop is like a spa for your mind!  Creative thinking tools are essential to break out of fixed thinking molds and create new models. Today's solutions demand flexible, whole, and agile minds. 

Unlock creative power, flex imagination and bust free of mental ruts!  Boost brain power with personal tools designed to liberate imagination and illuminate the thinking process. Simple, useful and relevant tools for everyday. 

Boost mental agility and alertness
Enhance self-confidence and self-esteem 
Increase the flow of creative ideas
Stimulate creative breakthroughs
Solve problems and generate potential solutions
Better handle risks, challenges and change
Overcome bad habits and "It can't be done" thinking.
Contribute to an attitude of positive regard
Charge up and energize your imagination
Get rid of bad habits and "can't be done" contagion

"I discovered the power of creative thinking."
"I discovered how to let my imagination take over"
"The Rut Drawing exercise produced great group insights."
"Really enjoyed the practical exercises"

Get your team to develop an intuitive "ear"
Practice intuitive listening skills 

Get teams ready to actively innovate.
Learn the basics of an innovation approach.
Much of what our clients and colleagues say is non-verbal. Mastering the art of intuitive listening in the sales or client service process is a great way to deliver above and beyond expectations. Not having intuitive listening skills often results in miscommunication, lost opportunities and a lack of empathy which is often construed ineffective.  As an intuitive listener you'll learn to be present with your "intuitive radar" set in the "on" position, decipher the intuitive messages that others are sending and respond to them in a way that exudes a true personal touch. 

Define what intuitive listening is
Understand the power & returns of intuitive listening in your enterprise
Learn the communication signals people send with voice, posture & energy
Attune yourself for intuitive listening
Practice your intuitive listening skills in a variety of situations

Ting! Intuition Smarts Tools for Sales
Ting! Intuition Smarts Tools for Health Care
Ting! Intuition Smarts Tools for Business Leaders
Ting! Intuition Smarts Tools for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs
Ting! Intuition Smarts Tools for Investors
Ting! Intuition Smarts Tools for Educators & Trainers
Ting! Intuition Smarts Tools for Enforcement & Security Officers
Other programs can be customized for your unique needs

Innovation does not occur as a random event but the result of a concerted approach. This workshop explores the basics of time-tested innovation strategies used as building blocks to change, improve, redesign, or invent something new.  Assess your team's readiness for innovation and identify the strongest sources for both likely and radical innovation.  Evaluate the potential impact of innovation on performance, profit and results. Then build or improve on a new product or service together, assess results and learn what assists and blocks innovation success.  

Learn basic innovation approaches and service/product outcomes.  
Evaluate team innovation readiness.
Gain experience in implementing a service or product innovation.
Evaluate the results of your innovation experience.
Identify potential innovation projects in your dept or organization.

"Innovation makes the world go round."
"Excellent. Thanks!"
"I loved the innovation exercises."
"discovered that innovation is not reserved for Einstein's"

Calm yourself at will.
Harness positive emotional resources needed.
Get your team to spark a big idea.
Define, create & lead a big idea revolution

Progressive organizations  know people are their best when they don't suffer stress. Meditation offers physical, emotional, mental & creative benefits. These short tools are perfectly suited to the urgencies of a busy life and career. They offer you countless benefits, evoking instant calmness, revealing deep certainty as well as increasing personal presence and creative power almost immediately. With inner freedom like this you become an invincible attractive force compelling your own infinite destiny. 

Learn how to create a daily meditation practice that suits you and how to summon the 3-Minute Meditation Tools to self-affirm, balance emotions and maintain calm perspective during the times you need it most.

Use calming-tools to maintain optimal energy level in stressful situations
Practice 5 different types of natural meditations
Create a daily meditation practice that works for you
Increase your self-awareness and positive well being
Increase positive regard for others
Reduce stress and have more energy
Increase your concentration and creativity
Increase your ability to listen to others

The big idea is in there somewhere. First you have to discover it.  Whether you chip away at it, look for it, re-think it or imagine it, either way finding it means a huge breakthrough and a change in how and what your team, department or organization does.  In this session we root around to acquire deep vision, openness and stimulating new possibilities to spark that big idea and help your team to get it off the ground. Everyone has a stake in the adventure in this customized idea-excursion carried out at an off-the-beaten path location.      

Experiment with novelty within and around your niche 
Nourish, catalyze and ferment ideas to rock your world
Create the big idea for your dept., team, division or organization
Develop an action plan to make it happen and keep it nourished. 

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