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Develop Your Intuition in the Shortest Possible Time!
For most people, intuition is an occasional fleeting experience.  Intuita MindWare Intuition Breakthrough training turns it into an everyday skill you can tap on demand

Intuition smart skills are powerful tools used to navigate career, business and life success in today's rapidly changing environment.  Achieve a working proficiency in the shortest possible time with this revolutionary insightful step-by-step training program designed by an intuition expert, coach and corporate trainer.

Intuition isn't something that only special people have.  It's a natural skill, one that with the proper training and practice, you can learn to develop.  Like most people you've probably had an experience where, if you had listened to your intuition, you would have reaped benefits and perhaps avoided certain unwanted difficulties. 

Intuita MindWare Intuition Breakthrough training was created as an intuitive methodology that anyone, with a bit of preparation and training, can learn how to use.  It was the flagship program that began Intuita and it's usefull whether you are an intuition beginner or someone with experience in solving problems using your intuitive insight.

It teaches you a precise step-by-step method to get intuitive on the spot - a method that has been used successfully by both men and women across many different cultures and diverse professions.  

Most of the methods take less than a few minutes to apply. In a short time, even within the first hour of training you will begin working with the methods and generating your own breakthrough insights.  

This program is based on unique intuition methods, that I named Intuita MindWare, revealed directly to me in 1995 in deep meditation.  Since then I've taught  hundreds of people to use these methods through this self-directed training program and my related seminar programs. Though these programs I have taught individuals from very diverse careers, cultures, and professions -- from entrepreneurs and executives to lawyers, engineers, accountants doctors, IT workers and entertainment executives -- to use these methods and position themselves for intuition breakthroughs.  But until now, these methods have not been very widely known and for many they have been a closely guarded secret.  

I purposefully brought this program out to a diverse user population because I wanted to make sure it was well tested and able to be used successfully by my early clients.  Also I wanted to determine the best way to present these methods to both the non-business and business community as we grew and evolved.

Intuition Breakthrough Training works by bypassing your analytical and intellectual thought processes so you can speak directly with your intuition.  You have a unique inner language comprised of symbols and direct impressions that make sense only to you. Using this method intuitive insight is revealed in response to a particular question that you have.

The program shows you how to master an easy 3-step process.  After that you learn to use 12 different Mindware techniques that help you to reveal your intuitive insight in nearly any situation.  This includes both life and business applications as our seminars and learning programs are directed for both individuals and business groups.  The techniques taught are ultimately the same, but we present them somewhat differently to suit the audience and their anticipated uses.

Though you may not think so, intuition is a skill which can be developed in everyone.  Sure, there are people who are gifted in intuition but you would be surprised to find that nearly all of them have also invested some time, money and energy in learning how to develop their gift, just like any other ability or talent.  

Now, you too can reap the many advantages intuition can bring to your life.  
My Intuition Breakthrough Training program can help you:

  • Get direct insight about relationship issues and communicate better

  • Use an intuitive approach to problem-solve which results in new creative results and greater innovation 

  • Scrutinize and make intuitive decisions regarding your career or business plans, investments and finances 

  • Clarify the "under the radar" data and get the "intuitive facts" surrounding situations you encounter

  • Cut through information overload by determining what's relevant for you

Other important outcomes from the training include deeper self -awareness and spiritual alignment, greater clarity of purpose, higher personal meaning and self-fulfillment and lower levels of stress.  Being integrated with your intuitive sense is a better, happier way to live.

In this generation we've accustomed ourselves to habitually having an over-stuffed mind.  We try to process too much information analytically. This sets most people up for having too much stress and not enough energy.  It also hinders innovation and creativity because we tend to over-rely on the analytical, not the intuitive. Expanding your intuitive capabilities is a good counterbalance for this that will leave you freer to create, innovate and enjoy your life. 

Your may want to know if this program might make you more psychic. It might but the goal of this particular learning program is to apply the many benefits of intuition in everyday life. I believe this approach is better suited to your personal and spiritual success in your life, career or business and your unique ability to contribute to creating a better world, than becoming more psychic would. Psychic development and Self-Mastery don't necessarily have the same end point and developmental attributes. Typically psychic skills occurs anyway as a by-product of personal evolution that develops along the continuum of higher self-awareness and purpose. Becoming "a" psychic is not a prerequisite for this and can often be a distraction from the real purpose, which is self evolution.

As our collective culture evolves we will realize that many of these abilities belong to the realm of "normal" than the unusual.  It remains a fact that most of us don't even scratch the surface of the natural talents and cognitive abilities we were born with.  We need to learn how to engage our all our "cognitive equipment" and what it's true purpose is. 

Intuition, once you have mastered it at a beginner level, can be directed in any particular subject or area that you choose, whether it is to invest better, develop science and engineering applications, create new products, get a better life, or develop your career or profession or even disaster management and social responsibility.  What you need to do is practice the skills in your chosen area. 

If you are serious about becoming more intuitive start now with the Intuita MindWare Intuition Breakthrough Training Program because it has everything in one complete package and no fluff.  It contains the bare necessities you need to jumpstart your intuition development and attain proficiency.  

Included is a self-paced  workbook, a Self-Assessment Tool, 12 portable learning cards that act as study aids so you can bring them with you in your purse or briefcase and 2 and 1/2 hours of audio-coaching.  You will begin to practice using your intuition directly during the first hour or two of your training.  After that you'll just get  better with practice.  

I've sold Intuita MindWare for $300 to people who happily purchased it and then didn't use it.  That doesn't sit well with me.  I'd rather sell it to someone who really wants to learn and who will reap the benefits from it.  The regular price of Intuita MindWare is $197.00.  

I've seen the value of this program with my clients many times over. In fact if I ask them what value they place on learning with my program is it usually very very high. I personally have seen 2 business clients who gained more than $200,000 in value from one 15 minute coaching session using these tools!  Just one insight that you receive could bring you the equivalent of thousands, potentially even millions or the satisfaction of a better relationship, career or life direction which could be priceless to you. 

YES!  I want to take advantage of this Special Bonus Offer 
This program is delivered via an eco-friendly e-learning format which requires no shipping fees. 

Still not sure? Ask yourself the following questions.
Are you searching for a "missing ingredient" in your personal life or business? 
Finding that your skills in dealing with unprecedented change could use a multi-dimensional boost?
Are you often confounded by your own intellect? Does stress ever get in your way? 
Do you believe that good intuition skills are vital to your personal success?

Current scientific research - and Intuita's direct results in meaningfully bettering our clients lives and businesses - show that we need to change our thinking style to one that fits who we are becoming; more whole, more aware, and more consciously self-attuned. Intuita's proprietary learning tools will help you achieve this faster and more easily than you can imagine.

Your life is your boldest experiment. The you that you will be tomorrow is different than the you that you were yesterday. How? You've become more aware, more experienced, more confident. This learning process has been going on since your birth. When you consider the value in all the education you've received probably the highest of this has been your self-awareness. Yet this is the area that without specific intuition training can remain under-developed throughout your life.

Imagine what could happen if you began to concentrate your learning efforts on self-awareness? Do you agree that you would probably begin living in a much better way? That you could be more successful both internally and externally?  That maybe your business and personal life would reflect more who you are becoming? That you could open your heart to areas of your life where you could find more fulfillment and more personal treasure? That real empowerment would become more than a trendy "buzzword"?

And more. That perhaps every moment could change? You could find the love of your life. You could have more meaning in your work. Your presence here could count more for yourself and others.

Now consider your current reality. 
Do all your tomorrow's look like yesterday and the day before? 
Do you want to live all your tomorrow's in the shadow of your doubts, your fears, your limited views of today? 
Do you experience an imagination-deficit because of your work tasks, responsibilities or lack of time?

Are you having the time of your life or the life of your time? Clearly you give destiny a choice.

What is Intuita's core Intuition Seminar program or Intuita MindwareTM  in it's self-directed learning format?  It is a clear learning program based on a set of 12 intuitive processes that shows you how to access states of direct insight.  What will happen when you use Intuita processes? These are some of the most typical outcomes of Intuita users across the world.

You will:

  • be transported to states of insight that are profoundly real and illuminating for your current situation

  • discover an easy way to tap direct intuition in response to any problem or issue

  • achieve a state of meditative clarity that will inspire and guide you 

  • be able to reduce stress instantly using the 5-10 minute meditative practices included with the program 

  • become more aware as a whole being, more intuitive, more deeply dimensional 

  • be more alert, creative, and innovative 

  • achieve better mental and emotional well-being, higher intelligence, emotional healing and clear thought.

Your dreams will become exciting again and you will discover what it's like to have the vision of a king in one's own kingdom, rather than a king who prefers, through blind ignorance and lack of proper knowledge, the life of a pauper. As you rediscover your true passion, your life will become richer in many ways, and you will enjoy the challenge of continuous development and opportunities you create in order to grow.

As the founder of Intuita, a global organization dedicated to providing intuitive tools to intelligent people and organizations across the world, I am the originator of these methods.

Let me tell you about how I began my work with Intuita 9 years ago. All my life I've been very intuitive, often visionary. In my early 20's I began to meditate regularly. In the mid-80's I began teaching meditative and intuitive abilities privately as a hobby alongside my full-time professional work in management and corporate learning. 

Then in 1995 an extraordinary event happened. At that time I was a newly single parent with an active 2 year old and the accompanying energy and time demands. One day, a typical Saturday full of domestic chores to finish.  Feeling sick with flu and fatigue I decided to nap while my child slept. Within 5 minutes an energy field emerged and over the next two hours a prolonged insight "download" occurred while I simultaneously slept and wrote. I woke up intrigued feeling completely refreshed as though I'd returned from a long vacation, fully healed and energized. A normal work week followed.  The following week, at precisely the same time, the incident was repeated.  Although feeling well I'd almost fainted carrying a light load of laundry.  After making my way to my room the energy field emerged again and the process repeated as before. When it ended, exactly 2 hours later, my inner voice told me "You have everything you need, now go teach."  

Afterwards, I began to review both sets of information with great curiousity.  They revealed a set of processes, mental processes, but much more than that; they appeared to tap intuitive insight. As I reviewed them I got excited by the prospect that these processes could help a lot of people. Inspired, I began the effort of turning the content into learning materials and to begin years of testing, both as a corporate seminar and in an individual self-learning format, the latter called Intuita MindWare.

What I found was pretty incredible. Out of the hundreds of people who were initially trained, only 1 person was not able to use the methods immediately. I also found that both women and men could use the processes equally well, but males in a corporate setting were more vocal about their delight in being able to use a process that worked so effectively to tap intuitive insight. Many users of both genders commented on the soundness of the method. Over the years I found that people who couldn't remember what they had for breakfast that morning could remember vividly an experience that they'd had years before with an Intuita processes as if it had just happened. 

I would also find that the insights people received using the processes were outstanding in many ways, the value of using a single Intuita process often outweighing the entire program cost. The regular meditation included in the training program added an extra boost to the processes. It was common for people after using the program for 2 or 3 weeks to report a significant increase in their energy level, their natural insight perception, and the number of spontaneous creative ideas they would receive as a natural byproduct.

Here are some of the outcomes of a single Intuita process that I led personally:
A Senior Broadcasting Manager got excited and mobilized about a marketing project he was not eager to begin. 
A Vice-President in banking "saw" the way to proceed in an organizational realignment.
A Company President identified a new behavioral and strategic tactic that enabled a non-litigious solution to a difficult supplier situation.
A displaced employee found an action process that led to a new job. 
And many others found revealing insights regarding their path in life, their relationships, and their true desires about how to live their life.

Direct Feedback from our Clients 

"I had difficulties concentrating while analyzing some complex consulting work for a client. I used the Animal Guide process for help.  Immediately I saw an eagle sitting on a branch high above a country landscape. My mind wanted the eagle to fly over the landscape. But the eagle would not move. Taking a closer look at the eagle I was struck by how sharp and piercing his blue eyes were. Instead of flying my eagle started to preen himself and quickly scanned the countryside and preened himself again. The eagle was seeing everything he needed to see this way. I realized a way to work with the data quickly looking away, and then repeating the cycle. This insight achieved a solution in 1 & 1/2 hrs. for work that normally would take a full day." 
D. Fulton, Client Services Consultant 

"I attended Intuita training in India and the insights I got to handle my personal and professional life are absolutely astonishing!"  Executive Training Session

"The Intuita processes are sound. They work!" Corporate Marketing Session

Intuita MindWare has great personal value. It is useful in generating creative ideas and even solving technical and design issues. 
Jose Costa, Professional Engineer

It made me feel excited because I got an idea for a path to follow AND I was relaxed!  I felt clearer and happier. I thought I knew the answer but my intuition knew more. 
Eric Gilboord, President, SOHO Marketing

Intuition has an important role to play in ethical decision-making - the Intuita processes have helped me to articulate this role to others and access that intuitive information.  
David Plouffe, Ethics Consultant & Trainer

In my on-going work with groups learning to be fully present has been critical and expanding my intuitive capacity has been an integral part.  Pathways presented in Intuita have expanded my learning. I'm grateful for tools like this which challenge me to stay intentional. 
Jody Orr, Organizational Change Consultant, former Executive Director, United Way

How do Intuita processes work? The Intuita processes themselves raise some compelling questions about the neural potential of greater intuitive capability. On a simple level, it is obvious that our perceptual ability may be unlimited and that we have been living within a very small framework for thousands of years. Moreover that learning and the extension of perceptual boundaries and neural responsiveness may be infinite.  

No scientist in the world right now, cognitive, psychological, neurological or even a multi-disciplinary team could conclusively prove what is happening during the Intuita processes. My own view is that somehow there is a priming mechanism (the question) that surfaces the desired information from the subliminal consciousness (a superior state that includes both subconscious and superconscious) by presenting a discrete metaphor that speaks directly and/or binds with metaphoric encoding of neural information. The result is a flash of insight, revealed knowledge of events, people or information, meaning, inspiration, perceptual shift in authenticity, or motivation that did not exist consciously before the process. 

My conclusion has been that no matter what the science or knowledge is behind the processes, it is better to educate people so they can achieve these self-evident breakthroughs in their lives and businesses now.

However my scientific "speculation" alone presents a whole host of untested presumptions:
That meaning systems algorithmically represent as core metaphors.
That metaphors are neural encoding mechanisms.
That the neural system is a self-organizing cognitive map for perceptual feedback (motor, sensory, emotion).
That the neural system is "programmed" or encoded consciously or unconsciously and is infinitely changeable by desire. 
That the brain/mind is a scenario generator.
That the heart is a reality generator propitiated by desire and lives in infinity.
That space/time is a coded perception in the brain.
And more...... this is just the beginning....we are clearly at the brink...of something greater and more wonderful than we've known.

Your new Intuition Breakthrough Training skills can be used to get creative solutions, solve problems, improve your relationships, career or business, dream up new products and markets, get beyond intellectual barriers to unlock innovative solutions....and more. In 2 or 3 easy hours you can be using these processes. Just click on the link below to purchase the program.

I truly appeciate your interest in this training program. More learning products are available in our E-Store.  I encourage you to visit and learn more about Intuita.

Yours truly,
Arupa Tesolin
Intuita Training

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