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Spark - Raise Your Mind to the Power of Infinity & Create Anything
$14.95 US - Book - Hardcover, 107 pages. 
Go beyond The Secret and the Law of attraction.  Spark reveals the universal principles that underlie the hidden science of creating.  This book describes in detail how your vision seeds grow in the silent womb of the creative universe and how you can play an optimal role as an agent-partner in the process of creating anything from nothing.


Ting!  A Surprising Way to Listen to Intuition & Do Business Better 
$14.95 US - Book - Hardcover, 79 pages.  
Discover this popular new international business book by author Arupa Tesolin. Take the story and the 7 Ting! principles into your business or organization and learn how to listen to your intuition to unleash new energy and innovation capital in both life and business. 
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Ting Audio Book
Discover this popular new international business book by author Arupa Tesolin. Take the story and the 7 Ting! principles into your business or organization and learn how to listen to your intuition to unleash new energy and innovation capital in both life and business. 
E-Book  $19.95

Audio wma $19.95


Speed Intuition E-Course (formerly Intuita MindWare) 
The quickest way to create an immediate intuition breakthrough.  Designed as an introspective tool for motivated learners, executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals to get insight and assist in finding novel solutions.  Includes new coaching audio-CD in mp3 format with over 2 hours of practice facilitated by Arupa Tesolin, a 64 page self-paced Workbook and 12 learning cards. For more details and coaching option

Learn to apply 12 powerful Intuita techniques for life & business insight 
Access the symbolic insight of your intuitive mind any time
Learn how to interpret the meaning of the insights you receive
Use daily exercises to strengthen and develop intuition smart skills

Visionary Mind Meditation CD-Set - See Details $49.99
Length: 2 hours, 15 min. 

Grow a sparkling mind with this deeply meditative audio CD. Close your eyes and let Arupa guide you on visionary journeys that are out of this world! Designed as a complementary educational product to MindWare, this CD strengthens your attention in the intuitive state so you can achieve a whole new level of intuitive intelligence. The Visionary Mind is a delightful adventure that reveals your deepest inner wisdom. You'll love it!  
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Inner Wealth Audio CD - See Details $29.00 
True wealth starts on the inside.  Arupa guides you to discover your inner blueprints on money, prosperity and happiness to help you align with the life goals that are most meaningful to you. Discover intuitive ways to choose investment paths and strategies, using an approach that complements the information you receive from advisers and planners. These exercises will help you develop intuitive intelligence and reduce stress.
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The Children of Vision-peace  $14.99
This is a very special story by Arupa for children of all ages who meet in their dreams to sing love songs to the earth that are beyond any one language. This is a book of love, peace and the power of vision as a tool to create wonders & blessed by His Holiness The Dalai Lama
. Vision-Peace is breathed into life through the amazing mystical paintings of artist Helen Will which draw the viewer/listener deep inside their own magic. For prints please contact artist Helen Will.  
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Ting! - Training Leader's License 
For experienced trainers, coaches, educators, facilitators, presenters and consultants who want to delivering Ting! Training to internal or external clients.  Includes a detailed instructors guide, lesson plans, training formats, assessment forms and supplementary information.  Includes trainer orientation and information session. To be used with Ting! Participant Manual. Subject to acceptance & signing license agreement.  For information on becoming a Ting! Trainer please contact directly.
Enthusiastic about helping others to unleash the power of intuition?  
Become a Ting! Leader 
Intuition Assessment Tool Intuita Intuition Assessment Tool $12.95 per person
Use this helpful assessment instrument to benchmark your personal intuition skills in 4 key areas, recognition, accuracy, application, effectiveness in use.  Survey can be applied to participants in intuition training programs. 
Intuition Smarts Coaching  8 Week Learning Series - $475.
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Monthly  Coaching Program Monthly Coaching Program  $39.99/mth
Participate in this monthly Intuition Mastery Coaching Tele-Conference with Arupa Tesolin.  Learn to increase your intuitive and creative skills in your life, career and business.  Each month you will participate in our Live Tele-Seminar Conference.  
Monthly Business Intuition
Business Intuition Coaching Program $99.00/mth
Monthly Intuition Group Coaching Tele-Conference with Arupa Tesolin.  This session is designed for business owners or entrepreneurs who want to develop and apply their intuition skills in their business.
Intuitive Business
Intuitive Business Coaching with Arupa, $1495. 4 hours  More info
For individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs & small business owners, this powerful short-term Coaching process focuses on helping you make better use of your intuition in every aspect of your business. Though an in-depth review you gain powerful insight to leverage creative change from the inside out. Then you create Action Plan that aligns with your Success Vision. Please pay here first & include your telephone #, 2 preferred dates (Mondays), am or pm time preferences in the Comments Section
Special Class
Tele-Learning Special Class
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Reprint Rights for Articles Reprint Rights for 1 Posted Article $49.
Grants the use of a reprint of 1 of our posted Articles in your Publication or Corporate Publication for up to 100 readers or copies. For more than this please order according to the number of users you have.  Reprints must show author, publication source, and web-site address with the designation "Reprinted with permission".  View articles here.